Rose Show Winners

Shirley Raye

This is a Miniflora. It is a yellow blend, full. It was introduced in 2008. It is rated 7.9


It was bred in 2001 by Robbie Tucker. Conundrum is a yellow blend double Miniflora. It was introduced in 2002 nd is rated 7.7

Glowing Amber

It is a minature, red blend, full, and was introduced in 1996. It is rated 8.0.

'Daddy Frank'. Miniature Queen of show.

This rose was a winner from OKRS President Jack Dickson. The show was the Tulsa Rose Show held on May. 'Daddy Frank' is a miniature, dark red, double, that was intoduced in 2000. It is not yet rated.

'Bees Knees' was a winner for Jack Dickson. This was the Tulsa Rose Show held in May.

'Bees Knees' is a miniture, yellow blend, full. It was introduced in 1998. It is rated 8.1. It is a ARS Members' Choice winner.

Reneé Niklas with Queen of Show. Rose Show Winner is 'Powerhouse'.

Congratulations to Reneé for producing another winner for the Oklahoma Rose Society. 'Powerhouse' is listed as a Miniflora, red blendf, double. It was introduced in 2009 and is rated 7.7.

Queen of Show. Entry by Reneé and Dennis Niklas showing 'Powerhouse'.


Beautiful arrangement. by the Niklases.

In the basket are: 'Golden Celebration', the tall one in the middle back; far left, 'Soroptimist International' spray, middle rose is pink 'Dr Troy Garrett', is a mini Flora; and far right area mini 'Nancy Jean' and 'Bees Knees' and 'Deja Blu'

Jack Dickson with winning entry.The district Ralph Moore award.

The roses are a collection of seven miniature roses at exhibition stage. He has won this award five times in the last five years.