About the Oklahoma Rose Society

Welcome to the Oklahoma Rose Society

Our mission is to teach everyone interested in roses how to grow beautiful roses. To those that are interest in showing their beautiful roses in Rose Shows we offer expert advice on the ins and outs of Rose shows.  We have a few members that have shown roses in District and National Rose Shows and have won a few trophies. 


You will make friends at rose events and meetings.  We also have a monthly newsletter, the Rose Leaf, with a monthly "What to Do" for your roses and list of upcoming events. 

Monthly Meetings

We meet the second Thursday of each month at the Will Rogers Garden Center, located at 3400 NW 36th Street, Oklahoma City..  The Garden Center is east of Portland Avenue.

The meetings begin at 7:00 p.m

You are Welcome to Visit

Come check us out and enjoy some snacks and meet new friends.  If you like what we offer, you can join the Oklahoma Rose Society for $12.00 individual and $15.00 for a family.  Hope to see you there.

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Growing beautiful roses are our passion. The rose on the right is named, 'Our Lady of Guadalupe'.

The 'Our Lady of Guadalupe' is a pink is a flouribunda. It's official color is pink blend. She has 25 pedals. Since it was introduced in 2000, it had garnered a rating of 8.0 among members of the American Rose Society.

Yes! All roses have names. The rose on the left is named, Nimbus.

Rosarians find and grow their favorite roses. Some of more favorite then others. The only way to fine your favorite rose is to join the Oklahoma Rose Society and let us help you grow your favorite rose. Our Consulting Rosarians are trained to help other rose growers. They have pledge to help non-members also. Check out the Consulting Rosarian page for the most knowledgeable rose experts in Oklahoma City.

And lastly, this one. Night Owl.

If you like the fragrance of clove and spice, 'Night Owl' is the rose for you. So what is you favorite rose? Rose growers -- we call ourselves Rosarians -- have more than one favorite rose. It's just that some are more favorite than others. 'Night Owl' could be one of them. Read more